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Created 30-Aug-11
Modified 3-Mar-21
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Landscapes, outdoors, and nature photos. Mostly shot around the Pacific Northwest, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

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Keywords:Arizona, D7000, D800, Mexico, New, Nikon, Pacific Northwest, Texas, idaho, landscape, montana, nature, outdoors, scenic, washington, wyoming

Aermotor 3Arkansas Misty SunriseArkansas Red BarnAustin Nevada 2Beartooth Pass Fall Morning CloudsBeartooth Pass Spring AfternoonBeartooth WestBellingham Bay EveningBellingham Bay, End of DayBellingham HarborBellingham Sunset HDRBetween Sunset and the StormBighorns Spring Afternoon ViewBighorns SunsetBlue Vista 2BoltBoyd SunsetBucolicCaprock Canyon MorningCascades Highway Winter Afternoon