Janielle Paul
I wanted to order one of Mike's beautiful prints but needed it cropped a little different. Mike responded quickly to my email and was able to resize the picture for me. I was also very happy with the care he took in packaging and mailing the print. It also shipped quickly. The print quality is outstanding!
John DuVal
presentation - 5 stars
hospitality - 5 stars
site ordering and functionality - 5 stars
i love dealing with professionals - much appreciated.
Donna Leifester(non-registered)
very lovely pictures of Montana enjoyed viewing I lived in Judith Gap, MT for 6 years.
Have enjoyed browsing your black & whites this morning. thanks.
Jim Fish(non-registered)
Really like your shots.
A Liu(non-registered)
Great stuffs mate! Keep it going!
David Johanson Vasquez(non-registered)
You have some fine images which work nicely with your web design. I'll come back and visit again!

Thanks for your thumbs up on my recent photo essay: The Luminous Beauty of Low-Light Photography -found on Wordpress.com
Your photography is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. :)
Really... they were a true inspiration to look at. Good luck.
Alex Uhde(non-registered)
Loved the pictures, you are very talented . . . add in some music - Gitano Alma caliente and you have a virtual movie. . . If you like Latin music, guitar and chants, the music blends so well with the scenes. . .
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